Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink and Green Garden Party

I tried a different site for making inspiration boards the other day. The Knot is a well known wedding website with a wide range of applications. Their inspiration board maker is relatively new and still has some kinks to work out. I like that you can search for photos of different elements by color (though the system isn't fully functional yet), and that each photo can link you to the real wedding or magazine shoot that it came from. The drag and drop format is nice as well. As is the ability to upload your own photos (I haven't tried that part yet.) My main complaints about the site (other than it not being completely up and running yet) is that they allow you only half a dozen layout format options. Also, you can not export your finished board into a blog, you can only link to it. There is not the creative freedom Dessy offers.

Here is the Pink and Green Garden Party I designed. This semi-formal wedding could take place on the grounds of an estate, at a botanical garden or public park, or even in someones backyard if they had gorgeous gardens. Flowers are obviously the focus here, especially pink roses and peonies and green hydrangeas.

link to my pink and green inspiration board

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